A talk show called, "Asian Voices" interviewed Hannah about her journey as a musician. You can learn more about the joys, as well as the struggles, of being a professional musician. 

A while ago, my friend and I had a conversation about the human connection, specifically about why we long for companionship. We concluded that at the bottom of our human interactions lies a basic desire to be seen and be known. Paradoxically though, our yearning to be seen is accompanied by fear because we don’t want to be exposed in our flaws and insecurities. This is why we value people and relationships in which we can be ourselves and still be loved. We all want someone to validate our existence—to know that we matter even though we are imperfect and that we have a witness to our lives even in our insignificant moments. And sometimes paying the price of vulnerability is worth the risk.

So, I wrote this song based on that conversation and by reflecting on my past relationships. But I also wanted to say to those who hear this song: “Yes, I see you. And yes, you are imperfect. And yes, you still matter.”